Snack In Jars - Parfaits

Here is a really tasty easy to make treat for on the go, or to prep before hand and store in the fridge over night.


1 bag                   Granola (it can be home made, or store bought)

1 Container       Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt

Fresh Fruit       (Your Choice)


Preferably something with a lid, but if not, just use plastic wrap


Once you have gather everything you would like to put in your parfait, you are ready to go. Line up your clean jars and lids on the counter. Place about 3-4 tablespoons of yogurt at the bottom of each jar. If you want less, use less, if you want more, use more. But keep in mind that the more yogurt, the fewer layers you may be able to add into your jars.

After your first layer of yogurt, place a layer of fruit. Again, it's up to you just how much. If you like a hardy parfait, you may want a larger jar. Then add a layer of granola on top of the fruit. You will repeat this pattern of yogurt, fruit, and granola until you reach the top of the jar. You want your last layer to be yogurt, so that it assures that the granola will soften if you keep it over night in the fridge.

Once you are done, eat right away, or place the lid/plastic wrap on the jar and place in the fridge for the next day for breakfast, lunch or a nice on the go snack. My family absolutely love these sweet treats, and they are healthy, so you feel good about them enjoying these really easy snacks in jars. Should keep for at least a couple of days.