Mid-Night Star Sausages



1 cup                           gluten flour (Bob's Red Mill)

1 Cup                           walnut meal

1 1/2 -1 3/4 Cup         soy protein granules

1/2 TBS                       Italian Seasoning

1 TBS                             sage

1/4 tsp                         garlic Powder

1/8 tsp                         onion Powder

1/4 tsp                         smoked Paprika

1/2 TBS                         sea Salt

1/4 cup or less           oil (cooking)

1/4 cup                         maple syrup

1 1/2 -2 Cups             veggie Broth (Organic Imagine Broth)

1 TBS                           Brags Liquid Aminos

1 1/2 - 1 3/4 Cup       finely chopped Onions

1 Cup                           diced Potatoes (Very Small)


Mix in a bowl Soy Protein Granules, walnut meal, potato pieces and onions. Be sure to mix well so that there aren't any huge clumps of meal or onion stuck together. Once done, sit to the side.

Broth: In a small sauce pan add vegetable broth, cooking oil, Brags, maple syrup, Italian seasoning, Sage, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika and sea salt. Whisk together really well and warm on stove-top until lightly boiling. Once boiling, remove from the stove-top, whisk again and pour mixture over the bowl of Soy Protein, walnut meal, potato and onion mixture. Stir mixture really well. You may need to add more veggie broth depending on how well your soy protein mixture is absorbing the liquid.

Once well mixed and all ingredients are wet, begin to slowly add  gluten flour. Sprinkle a little at a time. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You don't want to dump your gluten flour all in at once. It will clump together in one area and not mix well. You will need to get your hands dirty on this one. Mix really well, make sure you don't see any clumps of gluten flour, or powder. The consistency will be like meatloaf. Let it sit for about 10 min to rest.

Once your mixture has set for about 10 min, take aluminum foil and fill with sausage mixture and form sausage rolls. See picture for details.

Once you have formed your sausage rolls, you then want to pressure cook the rolls. If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can use your stove top, with a pot of water and a strainer. Place the sausage rolls in the strainer, covered with a top, or pressure cooker and let cook for about 40 min to 1 hr.

When done, remove the sausages from the steamer, strainer or pressure cooker, and let sit until cooled. Once cooled, brown in non-stick skillet, or oven. You freeze for later use.

Hope you enjoy and let me know how yours turns out!