Words Have Power 

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for notebooks. As I child I would collect them, big or small, wide line or think frame, and burst with excitement when I got a chance to write stories, poems and thoughts on each page. I have always been attracted to the empty pages of notebooks. Taking a writing utensil and filling in it's pages always gave me such a high. I would collect them every chance I got and kept them stashed away for when I had a huge thought or idea to get out of my mind on to a piece of paper. Sometimes those thoughts were inspiring, and other times they were to save my heart from bursting open from pain , shame or desperately needing an outlet for what I was going through. It  proved to save me from self destruction at varied stages of life. Occasionally, you could find doodles or drawings that my thoughts would push out because I couldn't quite find the words that I wanted to say.


Throughout the years it developed into a love that was affirmed in my college writing class, when my teacher informed me that, "Girl, one day you will be great writer". I laughed at the time. "Who would read anything I had to say!", I thought. But, as it turns out, the love not only grew, but it almost consumes me. So much so that I utilize as many avenues as I can to share thoughts, feelings, emotions that I believe must be poured out into the world. 

I don't just love to write, and I still have an obsession with notebooks. But, I now try to use forums and media to spark discussion, give encourage and uplift. I love the transparency of words and the way in which they have the power to touch every soul differently. One of the greatest books I have every read and continues to pour into my life wonder and inspiration is the Bible,. It motivates me every day to write my thoughts, prayers and affirmations to the world. I hope that as you visit this sight, you are inspired to take what you read, make it your own, give it away and change the world, one word at a time. 

"I hope to be a light that shines in dark places, words that fill up empty spaces, and love that shines throughout the ages" 

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